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'Full Scope' Integration Sessions

Jennifer's unique 'full scope' integration service offers all-encompassing holistic healing that draws on her entire skill set. This service is designed to meet the needs of clients seeking lasting expansion, who are ready to decode, uproot and rewrite counterproductive programming. One 'full scope' session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours and includes varying combinations of:

-human design interpretation


-1-on-1 talk therapy utilizing a Jungian lens

-guided meditation 

-somatic experiencing or embodied movement

-medicine cards spreads (plus in-depth analysis)

-'spiritual homework' 


With her 'full scope' service, Jennifer aims to help clients adjust as smoothly as possible to shifts in self-perception. The release of past trauma and induction of spiritual realization is an energetically taxing process best supported by a multi-pronged approach to assimilation. By implementing all of the above modalities, Jennifer helps clients navigate personal evolution feeling wholly nurtured and supported. She relies on her intuition to shape each session in response to what feels most urgent and relevant for her clients. 

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