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Human Design Readings

Human Design is a fascinating esoteric system that offers complex insight into the facets of your unique personality and how you are designed to best operate in life. With this service, you can expect:

-deep understanding of how you're 'wired' and why certain approaches to decision-making feel more easeful than others

-illumination of go-to tendencies in the areas of self-expression, energetic output and relationship dynamics

A basic overview of your human design takes one hour and involves review of your energy type, authority, strategy, definition, not-self theme, profile number and incarnation cross. Every client leaves a human design reading with a copy of their human design chart or 'bodygraph'.

An in-depth interpretation of all human design channels, gates and orientations generally takes 2 to 3 hours minimum, best broken up into multiple hourlong sessions. In-depth sessions include a full written breakdown of all human design aspects, in addition to one's bodygraph.

Jennifer first discovered human design about a decade ago, finding it instrumental in understanding her own innate strengths, growth areas and characteristics. She completed Jenna Zoe's Human Design reader certification to become an official human design interpreter, and delights in the newfound sense of self-acceptance that clients feel following readings.

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