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About Jennifer 

Born and raised in the hills underneath Griffith Park Observatory, Jennifer is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College. As a young adult, Jennifer focused her career efforts on acting, writing and independent film production. To support herself financially, she often worked as an educational tutor, which taught her much about how to run a business and work with private clients in intimate settings. 


In spring of 2020, Jennifer set out on a new life path in the healing arts. Building on previous experience as a yoga teacher, she learned other therapeutic techniques to round out her personal spiritual practice. Ultimately, her introduction to breathwork and own need for healing called Jennifer in this beautiful direction. Since then, she has steadily honed her unique toolkit in the wellness world, regularly leading classes, workshops and retreats where she lives in Malibu, California. 


As a healer, Jennifer is a dynamic tactician, supplying equal parts warmth and discipline to help clients develop confidence and improve their well-being. Jennifer's core ethos is that we all heal fastest and allow our truest, most capable inner self to take the wheel by opening to the unknown, trusting our intuition, and combining the power of spirit with the consistent application of science-backed modalities. 


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