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Jennifer offers different services depending upon the goals of her clients. A standard private session runs one hour total and involves equal parts guided self-inquiry and breathwork. This type of session provides a 'toe-dip' into the scope of Jennifer's full prowess as a healer.


Below is a breakdown of Jennifer's areas of expertise and how each modality works. As you read, feel into the concepts you are most responsive to. Perhaps you find yourself at a crossroads in life, knowing you'll benefit most from multiple 'full scope' sessions involving all modalities. Or maybe you sense that the optimal choice is to select a standard session in the modality that piques your interest most. 

 Our inner compass always knows what we need.  



Transformative breathwork serves as a potent gateway to our subconscious, creating space within the body for deep emotional release and the clearing of stagnant, repressed energy. 

Human Design

Human Design is an incredible tool for spurring deeper self-mastery and improving relationship dynamics, with our inner self and with others . 


'Full Scope' Integration 

For clients seeking the most comprehensive healing/self-development approach possible, Jennifer's 'full scope' integration sessions offer a multi-modality format designed to address growth areas on every level (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual). 

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