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"Traditional therapies can help us understand our stories and how they affect our lives. But in order to fully transcend outdated narratives based on past traumas, we must utilize practices that take us beyond the realm of the rational mind. When we bridge the conscious + conventional with the subconscious + spiritual, it becomes possible to experience life-changing results that stand the test of time. To live a new story driven by self-empowerment and intuitive decision-making." 

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Jennifer specializes in a custom modality for self-discovery and integration. Drawing on extensive studies in breathwork, Jungian psychology, human design and yoga/spirituality, she utilizes a multifaceted skill set with clients. It is Jennifer's belief that the most efficient route to embodying our most authentic selves involves the development of our mental, spiritual and physical agency, equally.  

If you feel that traditional approaches to healing (i.e. talk therapy + cognitive behavioral therapy) are beneficial but not ultimately effective in fully releasing trauma, Jennifer's approach is for you. By working deeply on the subconscious mind and drawing on the wisdom of the body, Jennifer helps clients take their healing process far beyond the conscious mind's limitations— to a realm in which total alignment of the self can be achieved.

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